Call: Euromayday Ruhr 2014 – Dance against the conditions


Euromayday Ruhr
Euromayday Ruhr

Euromayday is a colourful parade against precarious living and working conditions. It is a stage to dance your rage out and to call for a different world. It is a stage for new ideas.

Everybody is encouraged to join with actions, proclamations and to place your own topics under the motto “Dance against…”.

In 2014 we realise that:

the European crises are not over, that the even get worse.

  • the forced saving has increasingly inhuman consequences
  • more people ruin their life under precarious working conditions and do not own enough for a god life
  • the discussed minimum wage is too low
  • European frontier surveillance becomes increasingly brutal
  • ten years after the implementation of Harz IV the welfare recipients are more and more harrassed
  • capitalism produces more and more underdogs
  • the right-wing demagogues, sexists, racists and fascists act louder and more impudently

We want something different! We want:

  • a juster distribution of the wealth of society!
  • a lived and worldwide solidarity!
  • true participation of everybody instead of a symbolic politic!
  • global freedom of movement for all people and not just for the people with the “right passports”!
  • affordable living space for everybody!
  • the end of all mass surveillance and the right for a self-determined life
  • a basic income without conditions!
  • Nazis on the moon!

And for what do you want to dance for? Take part, tamper and take action on may 3. in Dortmund – 4 pm Westentor (Königswall/Kampstr.).

5 years Euromayday Ruhr – Dance against the conditions! Because capitalism is still a crap! 

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