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Falling from the shoulders of giants

Preface by Philipp Adamik: In this article, originaly published under the chraming title “Dawkins’ ideas about cultural memes are what lead me to embrace feminism and social justice (So how did he end up being such an asshole?)“, Diana Crow uses a version of the old aphorism “standing on the shoulders on giants”, which inspired me to the new title.

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Herausgeber: Philipp Adamik

Philipp Adamik, geboren 1977 in Herne, ist der Herausgeber und Chefredakteur des virtuellen Magazins für Wissenschaft und Popkultur digital realism.  Zu dem Erfolg des Magazins leisten die nationalen und internationalen Gastautoren Kyrosch Alidusti, Björn Hering, Diana Crow und selbstverständlich der Comic-Zeichner Jorge Cham einen wichtigen Beitrag. Einen wichtigen Beitrag leistet auch die Creative Commons Lizenz CC – BY- SA 3.0, die es erlaubt Teile der Wikipedia auf dieser Seite zu veröffentlichen.

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Kimberly Wasserman of LVEJO on “Killing a Midwest Generation”

Unknown power station

The Talk:

Killing a Midwest Generation

In Plain English:

How a Chicago non-profit from a low-income neighborhood got an asthma-inducing coal plant shut down

The Speaker:

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Manuel Castells Space of autonomy written by Diana Crow

This is a reissue of an article written by the US science journalist Diana Crow. The article was originally published here on her blog dianacrowscience.com. The original title is: “Space of autonomy: between Twittersphere and urban spaces (Recap of a talk by Dr. Manuel Castells)”.

The Talk: The Space of Autonomy: Cyberspace and Urban Space in Networked Movements

In Plain English: One of the world’s most honored sociologists discusses the relationship between online social activism and grassroots protests in urban centers

The Speaker: Manuel Castells of University of Catalonia (UOC)’s Internet Interdisciplinary Institute and the University of Southern California. Manuel Castells is famous for his theory of the network society.

The Location: Harvard Graduate School of Design

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