The Storming of the Taksim Kışlası

This picture reminds me in its composition and its dynamic to the classical painting from the French Revolution “Jeanne D’Arc – Storm of the Bastille”. That´s why I name it “The Storming of the Taksim Kışlası*”.
*Taksim Kışlası is a shortend name of the Halil Pasha Artillery Barracks. The barrack is the historical model for the new building, witch should be build in the Gezi-Park.
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Model of the network society (Manuel Castells 2000)

Some elements of my article “Die Grundlagen der Theorie der Netzwerkgesellschaft von Manuel Castells. Eine Erläuterung auf Basis der griechischen Finazkrise.” The article is ready and I´m searching for a scientific magazine which wants to publish it. Anybody who is interessted in the whole articel can send me an e-mail.

 I have posted here a summarising diagram of the theoretical basics of the network society by Manuel Castells. The article will feature although two diagrams which visualise Castells concept of a network and the change of a network by discharging a node. These two diagrams can help us to understand why it is important that we think proably about the current situation in greek. Unfourtunatly the article will be written in german, but all digrams are posted and shortly commented here in english.

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network castells

This chart shows the social structure of the network society. Analytically, but not in fact, the actor and the society can be seen as the two opponents in a chess game. Genrally: The task of the society is to build institutions with offers and constrains acting possibilities to the actor. These offers and constrains must be organised.

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